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Moffat is ideally located to explore Southern Scotland. Unspoilt Dumfries & Galloway reaches out along the Solway Coast to the west and the Irish Sea and Atlantic. The Scottish Borders stretch eastwards to the North Sea.

Moffat is also within day trip distance of Glasgow, Edinburgh,  Ayr and Carlisle. There are two World Heritage Sites (New Lanark and Edinburgh) within easy access.

Whether on a bike or in a car there are lots of lovely routes to explore!

This page provides links to websites to help plan your visit to Moffat.

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Moffat Better for being there
Moffat Dale

For touring by car

The following links are for places to visit.

Touring 2

Undiscovered Scotland

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Days Out by car

The following links are to Visit Scotland pages for visits worth jumping in the car for.

For the discerning biker

The following tours were published in summer 2018 in association with Dumfries & Galloway Life. Currently, the map links do not work on small screens - please use a PC.

Tour 1

Three Lochs Run

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Tour 2

Threading the Corset

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Tour 3

Port Patrick for lunch

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Tour 4

Dipped and Sprinkled

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Tour 5

Best of both Worlds

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